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I’m bad.  I have about 20 posts started, but haven’t gotten around to finishing a single one lately.  I went to see some family last weekend for a fabulous engagement party, and made a vow that I would post on the damn blog, already!

Some seriously big news since the last time I was here: Chris and I bought our own little piece of paradise!  It’s a cottage in the North Park/City Heights area of San Diego, with a corner lot and plenty of room to garden!  We’re so excited, and start moving in this week.  More updates and pictures to come, I promise!

As a farewell to our amazing OB cottage, we’re gearing up for this (and yes, I am bitter about my defeat to Lemon Meringue)!

I’m thinking of doing a lemon-custard based fruit tart as well as a classic apple pie, both inspired by my Baking cookbook.  I’m hoping to have learned my lesson from last year – when it’s hot, nobody wants heavy chocolate or hot pies. 

If you’re in the area and are hungry, shoot me an email and I’ll direct you to the festivities.  Of course, you’ll have to vote for me!  Heh heh.

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