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Two Thousand Words

I had just found out, then realized that I hadn’t yet turned the page on the calendar.  So I did.


Here’s what I look like now – the belly has just started, but the top – good god!  Two bra sizes up already, for crying out loud.

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It has been so long since I’ve visited my oft-neglected site.  I’ve been just bursting to share the news, that I’ve had to completely abandon blog land – way too tempting to blurt it out…


Holy crap, I can hardly believe it – we’ve got a little seedling on the way!  So far it’s been a bit of a tough road of nausea and lethargy, but I’ve felt it lessen over the past week or so.  I’m starting to branch out from my steady diet of saltine crackers and apple juice, and am actually eating big people food now!  Perhaps I’ll even cook something, maybe even post it on the site – now that would be amazing.

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